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Dear Dr. Pate and Staff,
I recently had a lower facelift revision, thigh lift, and blepharoplasty with you and your office. I would like to share my experience with you and future patients.

I am not a stranger to cosmetic procedures. I have had several prior to having my procedures done by Dr. Pate. Being from Louisiana and trying to find an excellent surgeon like I had in Louisiana, I thought my search may end up in vain. I saw several commercials on TV. One surgeon had a commercial where all the women looked like supermodels and one "patient" even stated, "I bet he can't wait to get me back now." I would never go to a Dr, who would do surgery for someone just on the premise of getting an ex back. I wanted to look like me, just fresher. I am 8 weeks out from my surgery and I look Pretty!!! I look like me, just better. Dr. Pate is a true professional who will shoot straight with his patients. I appreciate his honesty and his integrity. I HIGHLY suggest anyone who is considering cosmetic surgery to invest some time with Dr. Pate. I thought I could never find someone I liked as much as my Dr. in Louisiana, but I have in Dr. Pate. Anyone with any questions about Dr. Pate and my procedures, you can get my phone number from his staff and feel free to call me. He is the best and the real deal!
Dee C.

Dr. Pate saved my self-esteem and confidence by revising a poor job that another doctor had done. Last summer I had a facelift with an El Paso doctor who has a fancy office and billboards all over the place. He was nice, but I soon found out that my $7,000.00+ that I spent on a lower facelift and neck lift was wasted. Not only was there almost no change to the jowls hanging down on my 51-year-old face, the doctor refused to revise the job, saying that the couldn't fix that(the only reason I went to him in the first place!)but that he would opt to use Radiesse filler to improve my appearance. After much hesitation I agreed. While in the chair the doctor decided to inject twice as much filler as we had agreed on, in places that we had not discussed prior to me being numbed up. As a result I looked like Jay Leno with a huge square jaw. I was devastated and embarrassed. The results were going to last 12 to 18 months and I couldn't live with that appearance. I went to 5 different doctors who all agreed that the doctor did not do a good job on the facelift in the first place, but none were ready to do a revision. I finally found Dr. Pate at the suggestion of a friend who had received awesome laser surgery from him, improving her appearance by at least a decade. The photo attached is me at 4 weeks from my new facelift and I think the results speak for themselves. Even this early in the game I have a youthful appearance without the swelling I experienced with Dr.__. I would recommend Dr. Pate and his staff to anyone who wants quality work done. Experience and caring are much more important than a huge fancy office!
Rosemarie Ferrara