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Many who have committed themselves to eating right and living healthy will tell you that fat can be hard to shed, especially if it is concentrated in one portion of the body. Liposuction, however, targets specific areas where fat has lingered and created unappealing lumps and bumps.

With liposuction in El Paso from Cosmetic Surgery of the Southwest, our doctor and team can help patients enjoy slimmer and sleeker body contours, without the bulges of lingering fat deposits.

Tumescent and Ultrasonic Liposuction in El Paso

The latest approach to fat removal treatment is the use of technology that makes deposits easier to extract. This process promotes gentle care, easier healing, and more pleasing results. Dr. Pate provides advanced and effective procedures for fat elimination with liposuction, including:

Ultrasonic Liposuction – Using sound waves to break up fat deposits, ultrasonic liposuction allows Dr. Pate to gently remove fat from a multitude of treatment areas. This can also facilitate easier elimination of larger fat deposits, while still being kind to surrounding tissue. The utilization of high energy sound waves to melt fat before removal is particularly beneficial in areas where fat can be difficult to treat, such as the back, due to its more fibrous nature.

 Tumescent Liposuction – As the tried-and-true method of surgical fat removal, tumescent liposuction is versatile and widely utilized. With gentle suction motion, and through a small tube that is inserted under the skin, Dr. Pate removes collections of fat from the arms, chin, stomach, thighs, and other problem spots.

With these procedures, Dr. Pate can customize your liposuction treatment to remove large volumes of fat, creating an ideal aesthetic for his cosmetic surgery patients. Recovery time for your chosen procedure is dependent upon several factors, including the amount of fat to be removed, recommended approach to liposuction, and areas targeted. In only a week, patients can return to work and enjoy their new selves.  Our team provides all liposuction patients with information what they can expect before and after their procedure and how to promote best results with a commitment to staying healthy and active.

Body Makeovers through Fat Removal

Dr. Pate’s experience and commitment to helping patients see desired results include total body makeovers and re-contouring through liposuction. In one procedure, Dr. Pate can remove fat accumulation from areas in the upper and lower body, targeting bra rolls, bumps and lumps on the stomach, saddle bags on thighs, and unwanted arm fat. Through this comprehensive option for fat removal, patients see an overall improved appearance that allows them to feel confident wearing certain clothing, from form-fitting dress to bikinis, and even promotes better comfort in visiting the gym, so they can maintain their new physiques.

Ask our Cosmetic Surgeon about Liposuction

If you have questions about fat removal surgery through ultrasonic or tumescent liposuction, contact Cosmetic Surgery of the Southwest today to speak to a member of our team.