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Normal signs of aging are often most visible in the facial area, with issues of loose and depleted skin causing aesthetic concern. While some patients may not notice these cosmetic problems until their 50s and up, some begin to notice deep lines and loose facial skin in their 40s. Facelift surgery in El Paso with Dr. Pate provides patients with the rejuvenated appearances they deserve at every age.

At Cosmetic Surgery of the Southwest, we know that facial signs of aging can be troublesome and affect self-esteem. If you have concerns about deep lines around the mouth, nose, and forehead, or you’ve noticed the formation of loose skin under your chin, we’re here to help. Don’t wait to schedule your consultation!

Facelift Treatment Options: Comprehensive and Minimal Procedures

Dr. Pate provides a range of facial plastic surgery procedures to serve patients with a number of aesthetic issues, whether you’re interested in a complete cosmetic overhaul, or you’re seeking early intervention with minimal care. Our El Paso plastic surgeon provides the following facelift treatments:

Full Facelift – This procedure involves targeting several areas of the face that can most obviously display signs of aging, including drooping brows and cheeks. In addition to treating issues in the mid, lower, and upper face, Dr. Pate’s full facelift treatments include an endoscopic brow lift, elevating brows into a more natural position that alleviates the tired appearance drooping skin creates. With discreet incisions, our surgeon and team ensure that your full facelift provides the comprehensive results you’re looking for.

Midface Facelift – Patients in their earlier years, typically in their 40s, are ideal candidates for this mini facelift treatment. While this process is less extensive than a full facelift, it produces stunning results by correcting facial fat loss and drooping skin in the cheeks. Midface facelifts can also improve the appearance of the lower eyes, creating smoother skin and reversing the hollow aesthetic created by the loss of fat in the facial area. This treatment is completed with minimal procedures and is ideal for a refresh of your natural appearance.

Lower Facelift – The formation of jowls and loose skin in the neck can be particularly troublesome for patients, as this is a difficult area to cover or treat without surgical intervention. Lower face and neck lifts tighten skin under the chin and on the neck, ridding patients of the appearance of a double chin, jowls, or turkey neck.

Dr. Pate performs all facelift surgery with the use of an efficient surgical laser. This advanced treatment method improves the healing process, allowing for faster recovery and fewer post-surgery side effects, such as swelling.

What to Expect with your Facelift Treatment with Dr. Pate

With his commitment to modern facial surgery, patient comfort, and customized procedures, results of Dr. Pate’s facelifts are known to last 20 years. More than simply removing excess skin and tightening loose skin, Dr. Pate’s treatments improve underlying muscle, to support optimal treatment and lasting results. Our El Paso cosmetic facial surgeon is highly skilled and knowledgeable in proper techniques for ideal outcomes. While many women wait to pursue facelifts, seeking treatment as soon as troublesome signs appear allows patients to take advantage of minimal procedures with results that look beautiful for years and years. 

Providing Fantastic Results with Facial Cosmetic Surgery – Contact our Office!

We want you to love what you see when you look in the mirror. For more information about what Cosmetic Surgery of the Southwest can do for you, contact Dr. Pate and his team today for your facelift consultation at our El Paso office.