Surgical Arm and Thigh Lifts in El Paso

Loose skin becomes an issue for some patients as they age, whether due to diminishing skin laxity or genetics. Hanging skin on arms and thighs is a particular issue for patients who have undergone significant weight loss as well. With arm and thigh lifts in El Paso, Dr. Pate provides improved tone and shape for these problem areas.

If you’re experienced extra skin on the backside of your arms or your inner thighs have become an area of concern after weight loss, Dr. Pate can help. Contact our El Paso plastic surgeon today for your brachioplasty or thigh lift consultation.

Brachioplasty Treatment: Excess Skin Removal

Many patients have affectionate names for loose and sagging skin under their arms, but this aesthetic issue can make individuals feel self-conscious. Feeling like you can’t wear sleeveless clothing due to extra skin is frustrating, but our El Paso cosmetic surgery practice can help. 

Patients who most often see this issue are those who have had naturally wider arms throughout their lives and the aging process has created drooping skin. Loose arm skin is also common in patients who have dropped dramatically in overall weight and are noticing extra tissue in this area. 

Dr. Pate performs arm skin tightening treatment while being mindful of discrete scar placement and healing. Incisions are placed in the natural creases of your arm to ensure that your new shape is as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

Thigh Lifts and Liposuction

Skin between the thighs is another common area where patients can develop unattractive sagging for the reasons listed above. A lift procedure tightens this excess skin for a sleeker look on both the inner and outer portions of the thigh. 

Thighs can be further shaped by targeted liposuction. While the main goal of a lift is to remove excess skin, creating the best aesthetic often includes minor fat removal through gentle suctioning. Firming the thigh area is a part of a comprehensive lower body lift and helps to sculpt the physique you’re looking for. This treatment also creates a more comfortable fit in jeans and other clothing, helping to avoid the need for shapewear or compression garments.

Ask our Plastic Surgeon about Arm and Thigh Lifts 

If you’re interested in excess skin removal to tighten and tone arms and thighs, contact Cosmetic Surgery of the Southwest today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Pate. We are committed to providing patients with best results and ideal healing of minimally-noticeable incisions.