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Dr. Pate provides patients with many ways to combat signs of aging and bothersome cosmetic issues in ways that maximize comfort, reduce invasiveness associated with traditional treatment methods, and optimize final results. Patients who visit our office looking to minimize stubborn fat, reduce excess skin, and enjoy a youthful aesthetic can take advantage of:

• Skin lasers
• Ultrasound and tumescent laser liposuction
• Endoscopic brow lifts
• Laser eye surgery

With the flexibility of Dr. Pate’s modern cosmetic surgical treatments, he and his team are able to efficiently meet your needs, all while creating smaller incisions, whenever they’re necessary. Treatments that incorporate endoscopic processes are computer-guided for precision that supports best possible results. With other options that utilize lasers, Dr. Pate’s services minimize any bruising or swelling that are common with surgical cosmetic procedures.

All of our treatment, from tummy, tucks to skin revitalizing lasers and surgeries, and provided with your comfort and satisfaction in mind. 

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Dr. Pate and his team welcome new and returning patients from greater El Paso. If you’re visiting our practice for the first time, you’ll be able to meet with our medical assistant and provide us with the details of what you’re looking to achieve. To aid in understanding your expectations, we also provide extensive before and after pictures, so patients can pinpoint desired aesthetics.

Your plastic surgery consultation also includes time spent with Dr. Pate for a thorough initial consultation. Some patients visit our office knowing exactly what they want, while others are interested in asking questions and discussing concerns with our plastic surgeon to determine the best treatment plan for their needs. As soon as your treatment is confirmed, Dr. Pate and his team can book your procedure immediately and go over all information necessary for successful care, including paperwork, prescriptions, and post and pre-op instructions. 

Our doctor and team are here to guide and support you every step of the way.

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